SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of Kaiser Permanente nurses in San Diego expressed their concerns over staffing levels Tuesday.

More than 200 nurses showed up to picket in front of the hospital on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in Kearny Mesa around 6 a.m.

The demonstration was an informational picket, not a work stoppage or strike. These workers and the union they are part of are not currently in contract negotiations with Kaiser; however, the nurses tell FOX 5 they want to shed light on the staffing levels that they say are critically low, and they want to raise awareness of that now rather than later.

Kaiser Permanente sent FOX 5 a statement in response of the concern. It stated that all its medical centers in San Diego are fully staffed in accordance with what the state mandates.

Nurses are also picketing at the Kaiser Permanente Zion Medical Center at noon and the new facility in San Marcos around 6 p.m.

The nurses who are picketing are healthcare workers who are not on duty.

Kaiser Permanente wants its members to know that the demonstration should not affect hospital or office operations.