SAN DIEGO – Workers from Unite Here Local 30 voted to ratify a new two-year deal with the Hilton Bayfront San Diego hotel after hundreds of employees walked off the job last week, labor organizers said Sunday.

In a statement, the group said the move marks “a step toward acknowledging” hotel employees and the importance of those who work in the tourism industry in San Diego.

“We absolutely had to fight for this fair contract, but so many people throughout the region saw us, stood with us, and helped us show that San Diego workers are just as powerful as San Diego hotels,”said Brigette Browning, president of Unite Here Local 30.

The new contract gives employees access to a 20% increase in hourly pay for employees who do not receive tips, along with a $4 increase in total hourly wages over the next two years, continued health coverage and no increase in employee parking fees, the group said.

For comparison, officials said last week that the union initially was looking to receive a $6 per hour raise over two years but later brought it down to $4 after the hotel countered at $2.50 over 18 months.

Officials said Sunday that 89.3% of the group’s members voted to ratify the new contract, which affects more than 500 Hilton San Diego Bayfront employees.

“The overwhelming approval of this contract shows how much it will help our members during these difficult economic times,” Browning said. “Our frontline tourism workers power our economy, and this contract is a step toward acknowledging the true value they provide our city.”