You may be able to purchase your dream home in California for a slightly lower price than before, according to a new study.

Researchers at Black Knight Inc, a technology company that analyzes mortgage lending data across the United States, found that home prices in six California cities have decreased from their 2022 peak prices.

Those cities were: San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside.

San Francisco and San Jose experienced the greatest price decline, falling 13% and 12.7%, respectively. Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside all experienced price declines between 8% and 12%.

Nationwide, Black Knight researchers found that 14 out of the 50 largest markets in the U.S. have seen declines of 6% or more from their 2022 peaks.

This is where home prices have fallen the most (source: Black Knight Inc.)

1.     San Francisco: 13% price decrease

2.     San Jose: 12.7% price decrease

3.     Seattle, Washington: 11.3% price decrease

4.     Phoenix, Arizona: 10.5% price decrease

5.     Austin, Texas: 9.7% price decrease

6.     Las Vegas, Nevada: 9.3% price decrease

7.     Sacramento: 9.3% price decrease

8.     San Diego: 8.6% price decrease

9.     Los Angeles: 7.6% price decrease

10.   Salt Lake City, Utah: 6.9% price decrease

11.   Denver, Colorado: 6.9% price decrease

12.   Riverside: 6.8% price decrease

13.   Raleigh, North Carolina: 6.3% price decrease

14.   Portland, Oregon: 6.1% price decrease

While home prices are declining in certain California cities, overall home prices in the Golden State are still expensive. According to Zillow, the median price of a home in California is $716,909 and likely much higher for those looking to purchase a home in the major cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, according to Zillow

For example, in San Francisco, the median home price is over $1.2 million; in Los Angeles, the median home price is $890,194, according to Zillow.