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SAN DIEGO — Grill stores in San Diego are seeing a spike in business as more people are staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The owner of SD BBQ Inc. in San Marcos says his business is backed up on orders and are one of the few companies currently hiring.

“I think that that has a lot to do with COVID because people want to stay home and they want to grill. If they can’t use their barbecue, then that’s one less thing they get to do,” Dan Kaser said.

The business says there is a two-month waiting list to get grills professionally cleaned.

When asked if grills were being purchased for large of small parties, Kaser said, “we always ask that because we need to know what they want, and right now it’s for single families.”

Grills Galore in Kearny Mesa is reporting a 30% increase in sales over the same time last year.