SAN DIEGO – Amid a nationwide shortage of EMS professionals, Falck is offering $50,000 signing bonuses for new paramedics it hires in San Diego, according to a press release by the company.

In addition to the signing bonuses, Falck is offering a $10,000 bonus to employees that refer new full-time paramedics to work in the city.

“Falck is aggressively recruiting paramedics to work in the City of San Diego, and this new bonus will strengthen our recruiting efforts and commitment to the people of San Diego,” said Jeff Behm, the managing director of Falck Mobile Health San Diego, the city’s contracted 911 paramedic ambulance provider.

Falck states that the $10,000 bonus will be paid out over one year, while the $50,000 bonus for the new hires will be paid in every regular paycheck over 3 years.

Falck is known as one of the largest providers of emergency services in the world.