ENCINITAS, Calif. – New regulations governing short-term vacation rentals took effect Friday for Encinitas residents.

Under the new regulations adopted late last year, those looking to renew or obtain a short-term rental permit now will have to pay $425 compared to the previous charge of $150.

“It is a trend that we are seeing all over the country where there is additional regulations, additional costs, all of these types of things being looked at when it comes to a short-term rental standpoint,” said Pam Knudsen, a short-term vacation rental expert with Avalara.

Knudsen says the rules help to cover the expenses associated with those to make sure that short-term rentals remain “good neighbors.”

Another new rule requires a minimum three-night stay for renters if the host doesn’t live on-site.

The amended ordinance comes amid a series of complaints about vacation rentals ranging from excessive noise to disorderly conduct, as well as overcrowding, parking issues, traffic concerns and leftover trash in residential neighborhoods.

Other new rules included in the ordinance include:

  • Allowed permitted guest hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Required overnight parking permit
  • No commercial filming
  • No special events
  • Loud and Raucous Noise Prohibited
  • Unruly Gathering Prohibited

To see the full list of amended ordinance, click here.

If any regulations are violated, the city can suspend and revoke the owners permit for 12 months, Residents have 90 days to update their information with the City of Encinitas.  

In December, the Chula Vista City Council unanimously voted to add more rules to short-term rentals for the same reasons. Many short-term rental owners were in favor of a modified ordinance that would not limit the number of days they could rent to guests.