Donald Trump’s birth home just sold again

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NEW YORK – Less than 100 days into Donald Trump’s presidency, his boyhood home in Queens, New York has sold for a whopping $2.14 million, according to multiple news reports. The buyer, who remains anonymous, took ownership to the house under the name Trump Birth House LLC, according to Politico.

The house sold for a premium in the neighborhood — likely because of its attachment to Trump.

The birth houses and childhood homes of former presidents are popular with history junkies and tourists alike. Here are some popular birthplaces and childhood homes of past presidents:

George Washington’s birthplace in Colonial Beach, Virginia

The first US President was born in the Northern Virginia town of Colonial Beach. While the house he was born in was destroyed by fire in 1799, there are several Colonial revival structures that mark the birthplace of George Washington.

Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky

President Abraham Lincoln was born in rural, Central Kentucky. While the iconic log cabin Lincoln was born in does not exist today, there is a replica of the cabin at the National Historic Park in Hodgenville at the first Lincoln Memorial built by the Lincoln Farm Association the 16th President’s traditional birthplace.

Theodore Roosevelt’s birthplace in New York City

The first Roosevelt president was born in a townhouse located on East 20th Street in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park district. The 26th president would also be raised in the same townhouse. The recreated brownstone is located between Park Avenue South and Broadway. Theodore Roosevelt was the first president born in New York City.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s birthplace in Hyde Park, New York

Franklin Roosevelt was born on the Springwood estate overlooking the Hudson River in Hyde Park, New York. According to the National Parks Service it is the only place where a president was born, kept a lifelong connection and was buried. “Life here had always a healing quality for him. … It is his life and his character and his personality which will live with us and which will endure and be imparted to those who come to see the surroundings in which he grew to maturity,” Eleanor Roosevelt said during the dedication of the home as a national historic site in 1946.

John F. Kennedy’s birthplace in Brookline, Massachusetts

John F. Kennedy was born in a nine-bedroom Colonial Revival style house in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1917. In 1966, the Kennedy family repurchased the house. Under the direction of President Kennedy’s mother Rose, the home was recreated to match its 1917 appearance. 2017 marks the centennial of JFK’s birth.

There are plenty more and not all are quite so grand, including Richard Nixon’s (whose father built the small house in California) and Bill Clinton’s (although he came into the world with the last name Blythe). And the birth homes of other presidents are the subject of some dispute. Donald Trump’s favorite president is Andrew Jackson, and there’s some debate about whether he was born on a South Carolina plantation or a North Carolina cabin, although the two are just a few miles apart, according to the Museum of the Waxhaws.

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