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SAN DIEGO – This San Diego real estate listing is a sight for saur eyes.

While there’s plenty to like about the two-bedroom, four-bath home at 3195 Ducommun Ave. in University City, there’s a special guest — a large, inflatable dinosaur — that might make it memorable. In a series of photos, the dinosaur is seen dipping a toe into the backyard pool, scrounging for snacks in an empty refrigerator and reading a book on the living room couch. It’s also heavily featured in a video about the listing.

It’s not the first time a unique character has shown up in a real estate listing, but local Realtor Bob Evans of Coldwell Banker Realty hopes its presence there will make it stand out to potential buyers.

“Most prospective home buyers’ searches begin online, so I want to capture their interest there first,” Evans said in an email. “Then when they drive up, this home has great curb appeal, thus further keeping their interests piqued.”

Evans adds, “The home is staged and shows really well, so when they walk in, they’re smiling and I hope further enjoying the experience.”

(Photo courtesy of Bob Evans of Coldwell Banker Realty)

He’s used the dinosaur before, too, including last year for a highly enjoyable video tour of a three-bedroom townhouse in La Jolla. It’s a strategy he says is about influencing people’s “perception, attitude and first impressions.”

“Then the features and attributes of the home have to take it from there,” he said.

The listing in University City is available for $1.49 million. Some photos of the home featuring cameos from an inflatable friend from the Mesozoic era are available above.

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