Coronado OKs use of public space for outdoor dining, fitness classes


CORONADO, Calif. — The Coronado City Council voted unanimously Thursday to temporarily allow businesses to use public space for outdoor dining and fitness classes.

Council members approved three items aimed at helping small businesses forced to shut down indoor operations earlier this week. They voted to waive parking enforcements so restaurants can expand outdoors, open park space to outdoor dining and allow gyms to hold fitness classes at parks.

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey says the measures the city passed were vital to keeping its local businesses alive.

“Not just for the livelihoods of the business owners and their employees, but also the mental health, the physical health of the people they serve, which are our constituents,” Bailey said. “These people make up the fabric of our community.”

FOX 5 spoke with a local business owner who says he is relieved that his gym can use the extra space outside.

“It’s been pretty rough,” said Clint Russell, who owns Crossfit Coronado. “Our businesses depends very heavily on tourism and there isn’t a lot of that going on.”

Now, Crossfit Coronado and other local gyms can take their workouts to Spreckels Park, Bradley Field and Coronado Beach.

“I think it could really help our business and I think it would be really good for the community, Russel said. “By allowing us to go outside, it will allow us to have bigger groups and still maintain social distancing. We’re going to provide some program to allow people to bring kids, too, because like I said, a lot of parents are just willing to put their kids into anything right now. I know I certainly am.”

Businesses hoping to take advantage of the new outdoor concept should contact the city as soon as possible to request a permit so that the city can assign them field space, Bailey said. Permitting fees will be waived.

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