Concerns over coronavirus prompting travel deals

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SAN DIEGO — Businesses that depend on travelers are slashing their prices as fears continue to rise over the coronavirus.

Oddly enough, travel agents say they are seeing the biggest deals. They say airlines are not only cutting some of their routes because of the virus; they are also cutting their prices dramatically, especially for flights to Europe, as more and more passengers cancel their trips. If you’re booking a trip soon, you might notice your flight may be a little cheaper this time around. 

“There are ridiculous deals on airfare particularly,” says travel agent Tania Swasbrook. “So some are like $50 to go to Europe or within the United States as well. JetBlue, Southwest — they’re going pretty low on their prices.”

Swasbrook says that’s because more and more passengers are canceling their flights and cruises out of fear of the coronavirus. But that’s also leading to deals on everything from train tickets to amusement parks to hotel and car rentals. 

“Within the United States you can see a lot of the hotels and cruises to United States and Mexico are down, I would say, 40%,” Swasbrook said.

She says you may see the least expensive flights to places like Italy and Bali. But she cautions to be careful of scams and personal hygiene. 

“Travel if you feel comfortable to travel,” Swasbrook said. “Don’t let a lot of the hype bring you to cancel something that you think you are able to go on, or vice versa — to go if you’re not comfortable in going.”

Swasbrook says now is the best time to book for a trip for the end of the year and into 2021.
She also says check your airline’s cancelation policy and to buy travel insurance.

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