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SAN DIEGO — For the first time in nearly three months, bars throughout San Diego County will be back in business beginning Friday.

The new rules for bars are much like those for restaurants: customers are not allowed inside unless they’re wearing a face covering.

The Spot in La Jolla is both a restaurant and bar. General Manager Doug Tondro said a good half of their business comes from the bar, so they’re extremely excited to reopen.

“A lot of our regulars and customers have been coming here for 40 years. It’s their hangout. So being able to reopen tomorrow will be great,” Tondro said.

Since 50% of their revenue comes from whipping up some of the best cocktails in town, Tondro said, being closed for the last few months has been tough. When they found out they could finally reopen, Tondro says they brought out the tape measure and started socially distancing the bar stools. Normally they get 16 seats all around the bar, but they’re only able to seat six due to San Diego County public health guidelines.

“The bar is a social area, so you want to be able to come in and just belly up to the bar, have a cocktail and mingle with your friends. But because we need to stay socially distanced, it’s going to be fixed seating. You can’t get up and go cheers your friends at the other end because even though you know each other, you didn’t arrive together, you’re not part of the same group so you have to stay socially distanced,” Tondro said.

The bar will not be operating normal business hours, and customers can only be seated at the bar for a maximum of two hours due to limited seating, Tondro said.