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SAN DIEGO —As the pandemic forced several businesses to shut their doors for good, others are trying reopen under a new normal.

A local business, Axe Thro Co, is opening its doors again thanks to help from coronavirus relief loans, and the owner wants to give back by offering free axe throwing to all frontline workers until the end of June.

With constant disinfecting and temperature checks, owner Jimmy Rose says his Kearny Mesa business looks a lot different these days. 

“We wiped down all the tables on all the contact surfaces,” Rose said. “The axes cleaned in and out every time. We separated groups too.”

Rose launched Axe Thro Co back in December. Just three months later, he was forced to shut his business down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“And it was like boom, turn it off,” Rose said. “And it wasn’t like, less people. It was just, we’re done. So it was definitely difficult to swallow.”

He says it was a scary time for his small business but he was able to get back on his feet and reopen with the help of government loans such as the Paycheck Protection Program.

“The loans were not like a cruise,” says Rose. “They were a life raft. And it’s that simple. They just gave us a little bit to get by until we can start to really drive business again.”

He is grateful to get his business back up and running and wants to thank frontline workers in return. 

“These guys have been breaking their backs, working tireless hours, putting their lives on the line, risking their families, quarantine, everything. What can we do to give back? And I was like perfect, we got an ultimate stress reliever here,” Rose said.

But he also knows there’s still the stress with knowing he has to pay back the loans and get business booming once again.

Axe Thro Co just reopened its doors in the past week. It is open for booking and walk-ins every day except Mondays.