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SAN DIEGO — Nightclubs were among the hardest hit local businesses during the pandemic, remaining completely shut down for more than a year. 

Now many nightclubs around San Diego are making a comeback, with big reopening nights planned for this weekend. 

Onyx Nightclub is reopening Friday after 15 long months of being closed. “We are so excited to open,” said Marketing Manager Carolina Barraza. 

Barraza says bottle service is already sold out and it’s looking like it could be a record-breaking weekend. 

“It’s always a great place to come in let your hair down and just dance,” she said. 

With the long-awaited reopening just days away, Onyx staff are busy stocking up on liquor and getting the space in tip top shape.

But that’s not the case for all nightclubs in San Diego. 

Spin Nightclub in Mission Hills is playing it safe after seeing all of the ups and downs with restrictions on businesses. They’re still waiting a few weeks to reopen.

“Lets see what happens for the two to three weeks from June 15 to July. Let’s see what happens,” said part-owner Branno Kent. “We have nothing to lose in that time.” 

He said reopening after 15 months is almost like opening a new business. It’s going to take a lot of money to bring it back to life. 

“We just don’t have the space to take on those types of losses because our venue’s so huge,” Kent said, referring to a situation where they host events but can’t fill the house.

If restrictions remain lifted, the plan is to open the nightclub with a “big bang” on July 2. 

In the meantime, they’ll be focused on their latest endeavor — AwareWolf yoga on the rooftop. It’s a new offering the club came up with during the pandemic to help pay the rent. 

“For me, that was the farthest thing that I ever thought I’d be doing,” Kent said of the unusual source of business. 

Now he says the yoga will continue even after the nightclub reopens.