SAN DIEGO — There are many ways in how pizza is served, from thick square-shaped Sicilian Pizza to thin, large slices of New York-style pizza.

Seven local pizzerias were recently chosen as some of the best pizza spots in California, according to a study by The Washington Post.

Mamma Pinsa by Pinsarella (Escondido), GP Diner (Encinitas), Square Pizza (Pacific Beach), Bronx Pizza (Hillcrest), Sicilian Thing Pizza (North Park), Caffè Calabria (North Park) and Gelati & Peccati (North Park) made the list for the San Diego area.

Gelati & Peccati, GP Diner and Mamma Pinsa by Pinsarella are known for their Roman-style pizza, which tend to be more thin and crispy.

Sicilian Thing Pizza and Bronx Pizza fall under Sicilian and New York-style pizza, respectively.

Caffè Calabria serves Neapolitan pizza, which has an airy crust and simple ingredients like tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.

Square Pizza speaks for itself as a Detroit-style pizza with its square shape and crunchy and cheesy corner slices.

The Washington Post asked Yelp to search more than 85,000 independent and small-chain restaurants for reviews that mentioned 35 styles. The study only considered pizzerias that had at least 25 reviews and where a substantial share mentioned the pizza style in question.

“We ranked them with a simple formula that accounted for rating (most important), number of reviews (important) and how often reviews mentioned that particular pizza style (less important),” the newspaper said.

While some restaurants may serve more than the category they fall under, reviewers singled them out for that style, according to the study. The Washington Post limited small chains to one appearance per style per metro area while in a few cases, errant listings were removed.