SAN DIEGO — Do you work at one of the greatest organizations in country? There are seven San Diego-area companies that made Forbes’ 2023 list of Best Employers in the U.S.

In order to determine which work places are at the top, Forbes and market research firm Statista surveyed a total of 70,000 full or part-time employees in each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. Each company considered had 500 or more workers.

Participants — all anonymous — were asked whether they would recommend their employer to friends and family. They were also asked to evaluate their employer based on criteria, including working conditions, diversity, compensation packages, potential for development and company image.

The following San Diego-area companies earned a ranking on Forbes’ list during this survey:

DexCom: This healthcare equipment services organization is based in San Diego and has 4,500 employees.

University of California, San Diego: The university, which is located in La Jolla, employs a whopping 37,064 people.

County of San Diego: The county has 17,954 employees across the region.

Sempra: This utilities company, based in San Diego, has 20,000 workers.

General Atomics: Also in San Diego, this aerospace and defense organization has 12,500 employees.

Illumina: In the business of biotechnology, this company employs 7,600 people in San Diego.

Qualcomm: With 51,000 employees, this San Diego company works in the semiconductors, electronics and technologies industries.

The full list of America’s Best Employers by state can be found here.

According to Forbes, the healthcare and social services sector was the most represented nationally, with educational institutions coming in a close second.