SAN DIEGO — Mom-and-pop shops help keep the history alive in communities.

These small family-owned businesses bring a unique touch to the area where they originated, whether its because of their culture, environment or products.

Yelp recently compiled a list of 150 U.S. businesses across 10 different business categories that best represent what it means to be an independently-owned and operated business in 2023.

Two spots in the San Diego area were selected to the popular online directory’s list: Thanh Tinh Chay and Kove Brewing.

Thanh Tinh Chay, located at 4591 El Cajon Blvd in the Teralta East neighborhood, is a Vietnamese vegan restaurant that serves more than 200 dishes.

Diners are also given special water that is prepared with apple juice to create sweetness, which is then cooked with lemon, mint, strawberry, lychee and other ingredients “to help detoxify the liver and are good for the skin,” the restaurant says.

“We were greeted with a refreshing cup of water infused with various fruits and veggies. Our server mentioned that the entire restaurant is vegan and gluten free. She also mentioned that all the vegan meats, including tofu, were made in house. These vegan meats were better than regular meat and our favorite of the few we got to try was the Peking duck,” Yelper Lindsay W. commented.

“All of the food was delicious and is mostly if not all organic! I especially loved the vegan cheesecake, the crepes, and the service was warm, welcoming, attentive, and very generous with our group! Highly recommend for a one of a kind, delicious, and unique experience!” Yelper Maya N. added.

Kove Brewing, located at 9030 Kenamar Dr Ste 309 in the Miramar neighborhood, offers a variety of tropical flavors such as Party Wave Punch, Dragon Fruit Margarita, Beaches & Peaches and Desert Rose Paloma.

Kove’s drinks are brewed and fermented from a secret tisane blend (botanical infusion), “using the highest-quality, organic ingredients,” according to the company.

“I love this place! We came here for the first time and were welcomed with a free sample of the dragon fruit margarita and the beaches and peaches. The staff is super kind and helped recommend drinks to us,” Yelper Claire S. said.

“Absolutely loved checking out the Kove tasting room and meeting their co-founder Alex to hear about their story and plans for the future. The vibes of their tasting room decor uniquely match their brand, including hiring local artists to contribute to it,” Yelper Lorraine M. shared.

Although it is temporarily closed, the brewery is expected to reopen on Aug. 10, according to Yelp.

Yelp created the list by finding independently-owned and operated businesses with a maximum of four locations in the event planning & services, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, food, arts & entertainment, fitness & instruction, beauty & spas, home and local services, and the hotels & travel categories. The businesses, which all were marked open on Yelp and had a passing health score as of May 15, 2023, were then ranked within each category using a factors such as total volume and ratings of reviews.