Building at SDSU remains closed because of noxious fumes

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SAN DIEGO — A building at San Diego State University will remain closed for at least another week due to concerns about air quality.

The Professional Studies and Fine Arts building was closed on March 13, after students and faculty complained that work to repair the roof was causing noxious odors, the Daily Aztec reported.

More than 20 people complained of sore throats, itchy eyes, nausea and headaches — though no one needed medical attention, SDSU told FOX 5 in an email.

โ€œI got an email talking about how the building was unsafe,โ€ said SDSU freshman Sarah Levin. โ€œWe asked my professor about it, and he had no idea, but then we got an email the very next day telling us about it.โ€

SDSU has hired an outside company to run air quality tests and get rid of the odor.

The construction work has since been completed, but the building remains closed. During the closure, 245 classes were relocated, according to the Daily Aztec.

School officials hope to reopen the building next Monday, which is the first day of classes after Spring Break.

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