Bronco fan faces charges of inciting a riot

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SAN DIEGO – A Bronco fan faces charges of inciting a riot during an impromptu Chargers fan rally in the streets of National City Sunday.

Following the Chargers-Broncos playoff game, fans took to the streets of National City to celebrate the San Diego Chargers season.

The celebratory atmosphere quickly turned into to a fight in the middle of Highland Avenue when Jason Blout, a Broncos fan, allegedly started taunting other fans.

Video shows a man wearing an orange Peyton Manning Broncos jersey and slowly driving his car through a street where hordes of Chargers fans were rallying. Some people were seen rocking his car.  Minutes later, video was captured showing the same Bronco fan running toward a group of Chargers fans.

The crowd of Chargers fans started kicking and throwing about a dozen punches at the Broncos fan on the ground.

National City police quickly broke up the fight and arrested Blout and three Chargers fans.

Blout was charged with inciting a riot, police said.

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