Travelers continue to visit Mexico despite travel, health advisories

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SAN DIEGO — Despite travel and health advisories from the state department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to “reconsider travel” to Mexico due to increased crime and high COVID transmission, people are continuing to go.

The state department issued a level three warning in July, stating “some areas of Mexico have increased risk or crime and kidnapping.” There are four travel advisory levels: exercise normal precautions, exercise increased caution, reconsider travel and do not travel.

Holiday travel peak season is picking up at the Cross Border Xpress CBX, where travelers cross directly into the Tijuana International Airport from San Diego. The terminal is a fast and convenient way for people to travel into Mexico, avoiding long wait times at the Port of Entry.

Janelle Debilzin, a teacher who is currently on Thanksgiving break, and her best friend plan to visit Tepoztlán, Mexico, located just outside of Mexico City.

“We’re going to see see the mountains and the ruins and relax, eat some yummy food and see some sights,” Debilzin said.

The Palacios family is on their way to visit family from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, driving down from Modesto, California. Mother of two, Gabriel Palacios, says she isn’t worried about the travel advisories and is confident they are going to be fine during her trip.

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs advises travelers to be aware of the travel and health advisories this holiday season. 

“The travel advisories that the state department or the CDC put out – they have different levels – it’s important to understand what the risk level is and make a decision for you or your family if it is a risk that is worth taking,,” Jacobs said. “Sometimes I know there are limited options and all you can do is take the precautions necessary to be as safe and healthy as possible”

The CDC does recommend for travelers coming back from Mexico to get tested once they arrive to the U.S. and monitor their symptoms. 

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