SAN DIEGO — Some San Diego leaders are calling for the Biden administration to close the border to new immigration.

County Supervisor Jim Desmond, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, and other community leaders held a news conference Thursday morning to voice their concerns as well as call for action. 

They believe San Diego and the nation’s safety is being threatened by the number of migrants who are being allowed into the U.S.

“Our border is not secure and we want to make sure we do not allow terrorists coming across, “ Desmond said.

They are alarmed by a flyer that’s surfaced around that appears to be from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations in San Diego. It warns Border Patrol agents that Hamas fighters may potentially be encountered at the southwest border. 

Earlier this week, Border Report‘s Salvador Rivera asked the CBP office in Washington, D.C., about the flyer. While a spokesperson would not comment specifically on the notice, CBP said, “There is no indication of Hamas-directed foreign fighters seeking to make entry into the U.S.”

In general, CBP said any internal documents given to frontline workers are meant to provide situational awareness and are not threat assessments.

FOX 5 asked Desmond if he or anyone had verified the flyer.

“We spoke with Border Patrol agents and we have heard from them,” he stated.

Desmond went on to say, “Why would you send out a memo from Customs and Border Patrol agents saying be very concerned, to be on high alert for people from other countries coming in like Hamas. So it seems a little … kind of a crafted statement that they gave to protect themselves.”

The flyer, according to the San Diego Border Patrol Sector, “is not a Border Patrol product.”