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SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Mexico’s consul general in San Diego denies saying that essential travel restrictions at the border would remain in place through November.

The office of Consul General Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez tells Border Report that his comments about delayed infrastructure projects just south of the border, and how they might affect border travel through November, were misconstrued and have been “taken out of context.”

Gonzalez Gutierrez spoke to a number of government officials Tuesday night at Mexico’s Consulate in San Diego where he made the comments.

The Consul General’s office issued the following statement:

“The information published by Cadena Noticias in which it was reported that I assured
that non-essential travels will be allowed until December is false. Yesterday, a
delegation of state legislators from Baja California participated in a meeting with me
at the Consulate to discuss issues of mutual interest for the border region. Regarding
the current restrictions to non-essential crossings at the border, the only certain
information we have is that restrictions will remain into force until September 21st. As
we know, both U.S. and Mexican federal governments have agreed to extend these
restrictions since March 21st.”

“I have never mentioned neither publicly nor in private that the border would remain
closed until December. Both governments ask border residents to avoid all nonessential travels to avoid the spread of COVID-19.”

In March, both Mexico and the United States agreed to enforce travel restrictions at the border to prevent the spread of COVID-19 between the two countries.

Right now, only U.S. citizens, legal residents and essential workers such a people involved in the health and food industry are allowed to cross the border.

These restrictions have been extended monthly and are currently in place through Sept. 21.

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