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TIJUANA (Border Report) — A large group of migrants walked right up to the San Ysidro Port of entry chanting and holding up handmade signs that read, “We want answers, we’re in danger, we want asylum.”

It was part of a demonstration staged by hundreds of migrants who have been living at a makeshift campsite just south of the border since mid-February.

They were loud, yelling at the top of their lungs hoping President Joe Biden would hear their pleas.

They say they are tired of waiting for a final response from the United States president after 70 days of waiting at the camp, where an estimated 1,500 people are now living.

Most are from Central America, Haiti and Cuba.

The White House has said only those with pending asylum cases will be allowed access to the United States.

But the migrants at the camp don’t have cases pending and have not been given a chance to register.

In spite of pleas from state and local officials to vacate the area, the migrants say they are not moving for fear of losing their place in line should the border does open.

“We want to be heard by the president of the United States, we’re tired of suffering and waiting,” said an unidentified migrant.

A short distance away, a number of agents from U.S> Customs and Border Protection stood by during the demonstration, which was loud but peaceful.

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