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SAN DIEGO — Cross Border Xpress is undergoing its first holiday travel season with its new, expanded facilities, and officials believe it is already helping wait times to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border.

CBX is a binational pedestrian sky bridge that connects San Diego to the Tijuana International Airport.

In December, CBX is anticipating 440,000 customers. The days leading up to Christmas are anticipated to be the busiest week of the year, with an estimated 150,000 customers.

“People are really travelling this year, in continuation of what we have seen,” Jorge Goytortua, CEO of CBX said. “We have grown almost 50% compared to last year. And 45% compared to 2019, so we do expect very heavy traffic.”

On January 2, CBX is anticipating a record-breaking day with 25,000 customers, many returning home from the holidays.

In 2022, CBX increased the amount of automated checkpoints by 93%, increased staff by 25% and increased parking by 60%.

“We are using the CBX because we are visiting friends in Los Angeles,” David Quijano said as he traveled with his family by plane from Mexico City to the Tijuana Airport, and then used CBX to enter into the United States. “It’s very easy to use CBX and is a good experience with this bridge.”

One woman traveling with her family to Puerto Rico said she has noticed the lines are much shorter this year than in the past when she used CBX.

A new parking lot with 1,882 spaces opened just in time for Christmas travel at CBX. When the new spaces opened Saturday, it increased the available parking spaces to 10,200.

The new parking area also includes waiting spaces for taxis, rideshare services and cellphone parking lots for family and friends awaiting on others to arrive.

The Tijuana International Airport opened a new $100 million passenger processing facility in May. According to CBX, this expansion helped in reducing traveler wait times, increased airline counters, boarding gates, capacity for security screening, immigration and customs booths.