Border agents seize more than $100K worth of meth at checkpoint

Border Report
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NILAND, Calif. – Border Patrol agents say they seized more than $100,000 worth of methamphetamine in a pair of drug busts over the weekend.

The seizures took place at highway checkpoints near the border in Imperial County, east of San Diego.

The first bust came on Saturday morning, when a man pulled up to a checkpoint on Highway 111. A drug dog took interest in the car, and agents pulled the driver aside for a more thorough inspection.

Agents searched the car and found several packages of drugs in the gas tank. The driver, a 45-year-old man with U.S. citizenship, was arrested and the drugs and vehicle were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Agents weren’t able to give an exact figure on the amount of meth found in the vehicle, as they said powdered crystal was actually leaking inside the gas tank by the time they found it.

The second bust happened on Sunday afternoon. A man pulled up to a checkpoint on Highway 86, and once again, a drug-sniffing dog alerted agents to the car, agents said. When agents searched the vehicle, they found 19 packages of meth hidden in a spare tire, according to Border Patrol.

The packages weighed about 55 pounds — worth an estimated street value of just under $104,000.

The man driving the car, a 41-year-old Mexican citizen, was detained, and the car and drugs were turned over to the DEA.

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