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TIJUANA (Border Report) — Tijuana’s Mayor Arturo Gonzalez says he has a long list of bars that opened without permission, establishments he said also did not follow social distance policies and hygiene.

Gonzalez promised to “shut them down.”

He pointed out that parks and sports complexes were allowed to reopen on Saturday but only at 25 percent capacity and only if patrons used mouth coverings and kept 6 feet apart.

Tijuana Mayor Arturo Gonzalez says he’s going to crack down on bars that opened in his city without permission. (Courtesy: City of Tijuana)

Restaurants were allowed to reopen at 30 percent capacity. These type of businesses were mandated to check the temperatures of workers and everyone who came through their doors.

Some bars apparently felt they could open as well and did so over the weekend. This drew the wrath of Mayor Gonzalez.

“We’re going after every bar that opened or plans on opening, we’re going to be paying close attention throughout the city,” said Gonzalez.

The mayor also said his office is working with the Secretary of Health to become more strict in monitoring essential and non-essential activities reminding people the city remains under a “red warning light” stressing the need to continue practicing social distancing and hygiene practices.

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