SAN DIEGO — Agents with the San Diego sector of U.S. Customs and Border Protection said 290 immigrants were detained in a 13-hour period as new international groups attempt to seek asylum in the U.S.

The migrants were not from the typical countries, but from all over the world, officials said. This included places like Ireland, Ibiza, Belize, Egypt, Nepal, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan, just to name a few of the countries of origin.

“They are desperate. They are coming for different reasons, whether political asylum our religious reasons,” said Diana Ibarra, a supervising Border Patrol agent. “The immigrants crossed the border through the Tijuana River Valley in groups of dozens all speaking different languages.”

Now with inclement weather expected, safety conditions are likely to make migration even more difficult and dangerous.

“Just a week ago we were forced to rescue six Haitians in the same area where these groups crossed this time,” said Gerardo Gutierrez, a CBP agent. “Eighty-six thousand migrants have been stopped crossing the border since October. The migrants in custody will be processed and then handed over to Immigrations Customs Enforcement while waiting for a decision on their asylum claims. That process can take months and in some cases years.”