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FALLBROOK, Calif. — After a group of parents, teachers and staff rallied together Monday night, the Fallbrook Union High School District’s Board of Trustees voted to cut 10 employees’ positions and reduce three employees’ hours.

During the meeting, passionate protestors voiced their concerns over the jobs in jeopardy.

“You’re going to have a lot of problems. There’s kids that aren’t going to be able to pass their classes. There’s kids that are going to get in trouble because there’s not enough campus supervisors,” one speaker said.

“Shame on you for not doing due diligence,” Christine Esquibel said to the school board.

Esquibel works as a paraprofessional at Fallbrook High School. She said her job is to help students with learning disabilities as well as students going through emotional stress like bullying or issues at home.

“We’re the boots on the ground and the ears to the door for the teachers about everything that is going on with these kids. They open up to us the way that they don’t to other people,” Esquibel said.

Due to declining student enrollment and needs to balance the budget Fallbrook Union High School District officials said positions need to be cut.

“In my opinion it’s the most difficult part of this job. I don’t take any joy in these votes,” trustee Sharon Koehler said.

Even after listening to protests, the board voted to cut 10 positions and reduce three employees’ hours. Nearly half of the positions on the list are paraprofessionals.

Esquibel said that means her hours will be cut.

“We’re upset for the kids more than anything else. I’m just really heartbroken over that,” Esquibel said.

Union members said their fight is not over and they will continue to protest.