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SAN DIEGO – You’ve heard of snake on a plane, but could you imagine finding one in your toilet at work?

Two San Diego women were completely shocked when they found a 5-foot Colombian Rainbow Constrictor coming out of the toilet in their office at 433 G Street in San Diego (map).

Stephanie Lacsa and Holly Wells, co-founders of Vertical PR + Marketing, noticed the water in the toilet was higher than usual. Lacsa said she grabbed a toilet plunger and noticed something coming out of the toilet.

The business woman saw a flickering tongue and ran out of the bathroom screaming.

San Diego County Department of Animal Services arrived and entered the bathroom, which Lacsa admitted to taping shut.  The snake had completely exited the toilet and was coiled behind the toilet.

Daniel De Sousa with SD County Animal Services said the boa constrictor bit one of the handlers since it was removed from the downtown office.

He described the snake to be shedding and agitated.

De Sousa said it was likely the snake was someone’s pet, and not something that came from a sewer.

Lacsa confirmed she received word from her landlord that a tenant in the same building owned a snake that likely got lost. However, the tenant at this point is nowhere to be found.

The public relations company is located at the Old San Diego City Hall, which was built in 1886.  Lacsa and Wells said they had come accustomed to old pipes and stubborn plumbing, but they were not prepared for this.

Animal control officers captured the snake and took it to a veterinarian.

They are waiting for the owner to come forward and retrieve the reptile.


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