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SAN DIEGO — A couple in Sherman Heights whose bike was stolen from their truck believe they have the evidence to help police catch the thief.

The crime at the home of Stellar and Josh McSherry was caught on a surveillance camera mounted over the driveway. Footage shows the thief walking up from the sidewalk to the back of their truck, on which the bike had been strapped and locked down.

The man can be seen tugging and pulling the straps before taking out a knife or cigarette lighter and breaking through the safety chords. A couple of minutes later, he rides away on the bike.

“Watching the video we were just angry, a quiet sense of anger that someone would do this. Our hearts just sank, we felt sad…knowing that he violated our space our safety and our sense of security,” Stellar said.

She told FOX 5 the bike, which she had owned for 12 years, was worth about $350.

“It has tremendous sentimental value to me. I built it while in college. I didn’t have a car and used it to get everywhere, something that I came to rely on,” Stellar said.

After seeing the video, the couple called San Diego police and officers took down a report. Stellar and Josh hope someone recognizes the suspect and calls police.