San Diego Harbor police getting ready for Big Bay Boom crowds

Big Bay Boom
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SAN DIEGO — The Fourth of July holiday is the busiest day for boating and water activities on and around San Diego Bay and Harbor police officers have been preparing for the day all week.

On Wednesday, they took a FOX 5 crew out on a boat to discuss and check out potential problems and safety concerns.

“Something as simple as parking problems on one of our islands that can get crowded because of vehicle traffic, to boating under the influence, someone goes in the water and we have to rescue them, maybe even fight a fire in the bay,” said Harbor Police Lt. Victor Bañuelos.

Another big concern is boats filled with people getting too close to barges that will launch fireworks during the Big Bay Boom.

“We’re asking boaters not to anchor around the barges within 1,000 feet from the barges,” said Lt. Bañuelos.

“You got to remember these are projectiles that could come down from the sky. If you’re too close, it’s definitely a hazard for boaters. We don’t want anyone having any accident.”

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