Coast Guardsman performs 4th of July anthem from base

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SAN DIEGO — Mike Dalager had sung the national anthem on the big stage before. Representing the Coast Guard, Dalager has sung for the Padres, Dodgers, Chargers and 49ers, among others, and even twice at the World Series.

But for the first time, he was selected to sing the national anthem ahead of the Big Bay Boom fireworks show on the 4th of July from his Coast Guard base in San Diego.

It was a performance to remember.

Dalager’s day job takes him to places all over the region to serve in the Coast Guard. And his job, from time-to-time, is also singing, wearing his service dress blues.  But much of his focus these days is spent doing neither. Dalager is the caretaker for his mom Catalina, who was diagnosed with dementia three years ago. That sacrifice includes living apart from his wife, extra concerns while deployed and focusing all of his free time on making sure Catalina is taken care of.

But a life of service is what Dalager signed up for.  With a dad who spent nearly thirty years in the Navy, a sister in the Army and another sister in the Air Force, service is in his blood. And now he’s applying that not only to his country, but to his family and his music, one performance at a time.

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