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SAN DIEGO – The much talked about bid for a bi-national Olympics between San Diego and Tijuana is no more.

“The International Olympic Committee put its foot down and said it will not change its charter,” said Vince Mudd, member of the new San Diego Olympic Host Committee.

I.O.C. rules don’t allow two countries to host an Olympics together so Olympic officials won’t allow it.

“I thought a bi-national approach would be great but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it on our own,” said former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who’s now President of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

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“We’re looking at 2024, 2028, 2032,” said Sanders, who has been part of the talks to present San Diego’s own bid for an Olympic games.

The competition will be stiff though. Several other U.S. cities including Dallas, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles are already in the running.

Mud said the bid’s initial cost could go as high as $70 million,

followed by an international bid at a price of $250 million and an operations cost of $3 billion, not including construction expenses.

Before the money and support would show up, the city of San Diego would have a fare share of issues to resolve before hand.

“I think that potholes should be fixed well before that. The city is on its way to fix its infrastructure issues,” added Sanders.

Sources have also told Fox 5, a host committee south of the border will be putting forward an Olympic bid for the city of Tijuana.