Beiser’s accuser says there are more victims

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SAN DIEGO – The man who has filed a lawsuit accusing San Diego school trustee Kevin Beiser with date rape and sexual harassment told FOX 5 there are other men who suffered similar abuse from Beiser.

A lawsuit filed Monday, naming Beiser and his spouse, Dan Mock, as defendants, alleges that the educator and the alleged victim, known only as John Doe first met in 2013, when Doe was an intern for San Diego Rep. Susan Davis. The suit alleges that Beiser, at various times over a five-year period, date-raped the plaintiff, solicited oral sex from him, groped him multiple times and made increasingly aggressive and physically abusive attempts at seduction. Mock failed to help the alleged victim when he was at the couple’s home, according to the complaint.

FOX 5 spoke with Doe on Tuesday. He said he decided to come forward after talking with those other victims and after watching Beiser’s career advance. He decided to act after learning that Beiser planned to run for the San Diego City Council.

Doe described some of his encounters with Beiser.

“He physically grabbed me. He grabbed my genitals, kissed me and whispered I was hot in my ear,” the accuser said.

The lawsuit claims Beiser, who teaches math a middle school in Chula Vista, first sexually assaulted Doe in 2013. Five years of sexual harassment followed, according to the court filing.

The sexual assault allegedly took placed when Doe was a 27-year-old intern in Washington, D.C., trying to start his career in politics. Doe said he met with Beiser at a gay bar at a networking event. He claims that, after a night of drinking, Beiser assaulted him inside Beiser’s hotel room.

“That’s when the date rape happened. That’s what happened. He took advantage of my inebriated state, and from that moment forward, that has been hanging over my head and used as tool to further the level of abuse,” he told FOX 5.

Doe said he talked with Beiser afterward, and Beiser offered him an official position with his campaign for reelection to the San Diego Unified School Board.  Doe said the abuse and harassment continued, and yet, he still he continued to work for Beiser.

“I had fears of being blackballed and that Beiser’s influence would stop me from ever having a chance,” he said.

The San Diego Unified School District declined to comment other than to say it’s being handled by the courts.

Beiser released the following statement to FOX 5 Tuesday evening:

“We were first made aware of these allegations less than 24 hours ago. There is no truth to these allegations. We believe they are politically motivated and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves.”

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