BBB gives Uber & Lyft ‘F’ ratings


Uber gets poor rating from BBB

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SAN DIEGO - The California based company Uber got a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB said the ride sharing company is misleading customers and jacking up prices without warning, then refusing to respond to customer complaints.

“When we sent that complaint on to the company, we’d gotten no response from them. The BBB finds that particularly egregious,” Rachel Newman said.

Newman is the BBB marketing director for San Diego, Orange and Imperial counties.

She said the BBB takes 16 factors into consideration before grading a company. In the cases of Uber and Lyft, the number of unanswered customer complaints and the patterns of customer complaints played huge roles.

Typically, most customers were upset about unexpected surge charges.

“It is very important to understand before you go into business with anyone, whether its a tax or a ride share, understand the pricing structure and what it is you’re going to pay for,” Newman said.

San Diegan Thomas Wilkes couldn’t agree more.

“The driver is telling us it’s all chill, not super expensive or anything. We get to the hotel, check my bank statement and its $192 for the ride,” Wilkes said.

That same route had cost him fewer than $10 earlier that same evening. But because there was a major festival going on in town, he was hit by a surprise surge charge.

Wilkes contacted his bank and after many calls to Uber and a threat to sue, Uber issued him a full refund.

Wilkes said he spends every day telling others not to use Uber.

“We had plenty of other people we could have called: a party bus or a helicopter for that price,” he said.

Though he probably couldn’t have hitched a ride on a chopper, you understand his argument.

Über will typically have app users agree to the surge charge on their mobile device, then save  screen shot of the agreement. But Wilkes never agreed to the price, so he was issued that refund.

Though more than 100 complaints against Uber have piled up, the company continues to get positive reviews online and said their customers are important to them and the BBB score isn’t fair, as other cab companies have more than 2,000 complaints against them.

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