Bar noise in Little Italy causing big complaints

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SAN DIEGO - Renters in Little Italy are pushing to shut down a local bar they say has been keeping them up at night.

"(Just) a nuisance for everyone that lives in my building because they’re playing their music so loud our walls are shaking," said one tenant who did not want to be identified. "It sounds like a night club in our apartments."

The residents of Finestra Lofts say the bar, Entrada, has been playing past the 1 a.m. legal time limit.

Bar owners, though, say they've recently made upgrades to help limit the amount of sound neighbors hear.

"We’ve gone to great extents to soundproof that room so that they’re not being disturbed and we’re just trying to make a living here in little Italy," said Mischa Wright, a bartender.

The bar uses a back room for what they call a "lounge for dancing" that they also promote live music from on Friday and Saturday nights.

"We’re trying to stand out and not just be another pasta place or meatball joint," said Wright. "We’re definitely doing dancing but it’s a low key, mellow crowd you know there’s really no lines yet."

Residents have complained to both the cops and the city, which is not on the verge of taking action but the bar is battling back.

On Wednesday, the Downtown Community Planning Council voted to revoke the club's conditional use permit that allows it to operate. Another meeting is scheduled for next week.

"We’re definitely willing to work with San Diego and work with our neighbors and like I said we spent a lot of money trying to keep the noise down for them. It would basically shut down half of our revenue. There’s 60 people that work in this restaurant, none of them want to lose their jobs."

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