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SAN DIEGO–California is seeing a major avocado shortage.

The California drought, plus a strike in Mexico, means you might not get your guacamole at some restaurants in San Diego.

The shortage is so bad that some restaurants are having to cut the super-food from their menus, while others are just eating the higher cost.

Right now, restaurant owners like Johan Engman of Como Ceviche in East Village are paying $125 a case. Just two weeks, avocados were costing Engman between $40 and $50.

“Now that’s a big change. We’re hoping it doesn’t last too long, and it’s a cost of doing business, and we just have to eat the costs,” said Engman.

Fish District in Solana Beach is giving a $.50 discount on all meals because they don’t have avocados for customers.

“It’s really tough. People come in here asking for it. And when we don’t have it, it’s kind of a shocker. They just don’t understand,” said employee Paradise Wright.

The strike in Mexico ended Thursday, so farm experts predict the price will begin to fall by the start of November.