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SAN DIEGO – One of the fastest Rubik’s Cube players in the world is an autistic 10-year-old who lives in San Diego.

Max Park started playing with Rubik’s Cube several years ago as part of his autism therapy.

“Initially, the reason to do it was to work with his motor skills,” saud Max’s dad, Schwan Park.

Rubik's cubeHe became enthralled by the puzzle, and  he asked his parents to take him to Los Angeles to watch some of the best compete.

“We thought let’s bring him there. Its good experience,” Park said.

Max ended up on the competition floor, solving a 6-by-6 Rubik’s Cube in less than three minutes.  His time won him a division title and placed him among the best 100 players in the world.

“Some of these kids were college-age kids, and he was doing that well. That was a surprise,” the father said.

Max’s mom, Miki, said whenever Max isn’t doing homework, he spends his off time trying to come up with new moves on his Rubik’s Cube. He’s also working on mastering other hobbies such as stacking cups and training to run a 5K.

“He’s constantly surprising us,” she said.