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(CNN) — A Facebook post by actor Ashton Kutcher lamenting the lack of diaper changing tables in public men’s rooms has parents talking.

The new father — he and partner Mila Kunis welcomed baby Wyatt Isabelle in October — complained to his followers that he had yet to encounter a changing table in the public bathrooms he visits. He offered to give a social media shout-out to the first business where he found a diapering table in the men’s room.

The post had logged more than 230,000 comments as of Wednesday morning. Lots of folks offered up places Kutcher should patronize, such as Walmart and Cracker Barrel, where they say changing tables abound.

Some dads said they didn’t have a problem finding changing tables, but it may be because they’re frequenting more down-to-Earth establishments than the Hollywood star. Other posters said “family restrooms” would take care of the problem altogether.

Many praised Kutcher for raising the issue: “Thank you for doing this. This is not just an issue for dad’s such as yourself who are awesome, but so many of the families I know who have two daddies have this issue ALL The time,” wrote one poster.

Another mom agreed: “My boyfriend was taken aback when he had to get a key for the family change room instead of just going into the men’s with our son because they had no change table. It doesn’t make ANY SENSE. Gender equality needs to go both ways.”

No update yet on whether Kutcher has encountered a diapering station in a men’s room.

By Melonyce McAfee of CNN