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SAN DIEGO — Traveling animal activist Mike Minnick has been reunited with his bike after it was stolen in Mission Bay, he told FOX 5 Saturday.

The bike was found and returned to him by San Diego Harbor Police.

Two years ago, Minnick and his 5-year-old rescue dog, Bixby, hopped on a bike and decided to travel across the country to help raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption and supporting local animal shelters.

But here in San Diego — after pedaling for two years, 9,000 miles and through 31 states — their trip was cut short after their trusty bike was stolen in Mission Beach.

“I came out of where we were being hosted about 4 o’clock in the morning to let this little monster out,” Minnick told FOX 5. “And when I did, I noticed right in front of the garage, where my bike was, there was this old beater kind of beach cruiser that was just sitting there on its kickstand with giant bolt cutters hanging out of the front basket…my worst fear came true. My bicycle was gone.”

The unique Yuba Mundo bike carries more than 150 pounds of gear. On an attached dog crate is their website:

“I didn’t even reach symbolically the end of this part of the journey, which is the Mexico border,” Minnick said.

Minnick and Bixby stay with people along the way who support and follow them on social media.

A  GoFundMe page was set up to “help Bixby get back on the road.”

“All across the country I always say I feel like I meet the best of people,” Minnick said. “They see me coming down the street with a dog on the back of my bicycle and it makes everyone smile, it makes kids smile.”