American Country Awards, Let’s Try Again in 2014. OK?

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So, another year has come and gone for the American Country Awards, and it’s with some disappointment that I say I wasn’t impressed.  I’m not alone, either.  Everyone of my friends and co-workers seemed to agree.  Here’s the deal–the show needs a quick swift in the booty.  Danica Patrick did not grab my attention, and without Chenoweth by his side I think Trace Adkins stern and dry sense of humor fell flat.

The highlight of the night was LeAnn Rimes doing a tribute to Patsy Cline.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  It’s with a warm heart that I say this–I’m excited LeAnn looks healthier than ever and appears to be on the right track.  Let’s just hope she stays this way because she’s one of country music’s greatest voices.

Luke Bryan was THE highlight of the night, and quite simply it had more to do with his looks.  His acceptance speech was completely from the heart, unrehearsed and it was just about the only think that didn’t seem forced in the show.

Last but not least, I wish the backstage reporter had a little more ‘gusto.’  I’d like to suggest the ACA’s dress him up a little, do his hair-make him someone viewers care to watch because his energy wasn’t cutting it.

This is a very critical review-but rest assured-I still watched the show.  I love country music, but if this award show is going to last it has to become more authentic and let’s get some hosts that laugh and are jovial and engage the audience.

Miss you Chenoweth, girl!


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