A piece of country music with Doug Stone, listen here

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doug_stone_bio_3Recently, I got to have a really cool experience on my Big 20 Countdown on Mountain Country 107.9 FM.  Yup, I got to throw it back and chill out with Doug Stone on the radio.  For those of you that know him from the 1990’s–kudos because I fell in love with his voice as a kid.  For those of you that don’t know him, look him up.  He had some great tunes like “Little Houses,” “Why Didn’t I Think of That,” and “In A Different Light.”

The country crooner is now kicking back in a small town not too far away from where he was born in Atlanta.  On the show he called in and we laughed about his lack of knowledge in the world of technology!  Twitter?  Facebook?  Instagram?  That’s like speaking Pig Latin to Doug.  I was just lucky he had good phone reception and has basic internet service!  He was pretty thrilled about that for himself too.

He seems to have a zest for life even after being plagued with health problems, and probably one too many late party nights in his day.  He says he’s lucky to be alive-to have his daughter live with him after a bitter divorce-and to just live simply.  But, in between the wise crack jokes and the witty banter there’s a man who still has this distinct voice–a man who still really, truly loves to sing and write songs.  That’s the side of Doug Stone I got to know on my show and got to share with listeners.  And, I think for him–that gives him yet another reason to live.  His music.  His voice.  It’s his heart.

He welcomed us over the phone into his living room and he just sang–with a guitar in one hand and the phone receiver sitting on the table.  It was easy.  Not pretentious.  Not planned.  Not managed.  The crackly connection at times made it sound almost like an old classic record spinning on a vintage player.  It just was…..it was Doug.  He sang a song he wrote about his daughter battling a tough divorce.  I immediately was connected because I too remember my parents divorcing and fighting when I was a little girl–say about 4 years old.  I can remember the pain, the tears, the confusion, the anxiety, the angst, and the longing.  That real deep, heart sick pain when you’re missing a person that’s familiar to you.  Yeah, I remember that feeling of heartache — and the song he wrote and sang about his daughter’s confusion and pain-struck a chord.  But, it also reminded me of how beautiful and resilient kids are–me being one of em.’

If you’re curious to experience the moment like I did–have at it.  Six minutes of your day to kick back with a country crooner who hasn’t lost his voice.  Take a listen:  Hope you enjoy!

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