4 years after Coronado mansion death, Zahau family continues quest for justice

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CORONADO- It’s been four years since Rebecca Zahau’s nude body was found hanging from a balcony at a Coronado mansion with her hands and feet tied.

Investigators still stand behind their assertion that Rebecca’s death was a suicide, but her family members remain convinced it was an elaborate revenge killing. Attorneys for the Zahau family allege Adam Shacknai, Nina Romano, and Dina Shacknai are responsible for the murder.

In a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit, Zahau family attorney Keith Greer points to a string of evidence that suggests that this death was a murder. Greer points first to how her hands and feet were tied and that she was gagged.

“The only reason to gag somebody is to keep them quiet obviously, and if Rebeca is doing this herself she knows that when she jumps off, she will have a noose around her neck, and it will cut off her air and she will not be able to scream, “ said Greer.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore has argued at length that Zahau’s death was a suicide, but Greer says there is mounting evidence that it was murder.

“It really appears like any piece of evidence that supported murder and didn’t support a suicide theme was ignored.”

The next status hearing on the case is set for February.

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