Man launches meat company to feed firefighters

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LOS ANGELES — An initial idea of providing high quality meats to local athletes turned into providing firefighters with food, delivered right to their fire stations.

Jon Delaney, 24, was working out in 2018 when he dreamt up the goal to provide healthy, top quality meats and provisions at an affordable price. Delaney said he realized athletes were spending too much money on basic nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It was a no-brainer,” Delaney told FOX 5. “Consumers pay $4.00 a pound for organic chicken breast, I pay $1.05 a pound wholesale. These guys eat five to eight pounds of chicken a day just to maintain their weight. We were saving them up to $1,500 a month.” Delaney added.

Delaney comes from a family of firefighters and said he knew he wanted to somehow provide food for local fire stations. With the help of social media, Delaney started his own company ‘Strong Meat Co’ with one goal — to provide healthy top-quality meats and provisions at an affordable price that would rival local markets that sold the same food.

Dubbed the ‘Firefighter Program’ by Delaney and partner Daniel Hurtatdo, the program eliminated the need for firefighters to go grocery shopping on the job. Almost 150 fire stations across Southern California use funds from the city or a pool stipend to access Strong Meat Co’s easy-to-use app that allows them to drag food into a ‘virtual freezer’ –a delivery method the entrepreneurs created to have food delivered right to the station all within 24 hours.

“Each fire station has a freezer that our employees can get into even if the firefighters are out on a call, and we just drop in the food they order and it’s ready for them when they get back,” Delaney said. “The Firefighter Program is designed to meet the exact needs of the Firefighters.”

The ‘Firefighter Program’ is available to any fire station in Southern California.

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