2-year-old boy forms friendship with trash truck driver

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SAN DIEGO – A 2-year-old boy from Mira Mesa waits outside his home every Tuesday morning to greet his best friend – the trash truck guy.

“Thomas just loves garbage trucks. He listens to garbage truck songs all day long. He watches garbage truck videos,” his mother said.

Thomas Osentowski gets a chance to sit in the trash truck.

Every Monday night, the Osentowski family makes cookies in preparation to greet Ron Rowe, a City of San Diego truck driver, on Tuesday morning.

His mother said on Tuesdays around 6:30 a.m. they hear Rowe’s trash truck arrive in the neighborhood. The family goes outside to wait for Ron to pull up to their driveway.

“No matter the temperature, rain or shine, we’re out here waiting for Ron,” Thomas’ father said.

Rowe told FOX 5 he appreciates the friendship with Thomas – and the sweet treats are a bonus.

“This is probably the highlight of the day. Thomas gets so excited,” Rowe said. “This is one of the finer things about this job for sure.”

Thomas’ dad said through his son’s obsession the family has become so-called experts on waste management.

Thomas Osentowski, 2, greets City of San Diego trash truck driver Ron Rowe on Tuesdays.

“We definitely know a lot about waste management and recycling,” he said.

The Osentowski family hopes the friendship will be a life lesson for Thomas on hard work and kindness.

“It’s a really neat story about really good people doing nice things.

“This just developed into a friendship,” his mother said. “Ron is Thomas’ best friend as far as I’m concerned.”

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