2 Chula Vista church workers burned during explosion


Barnett Fire

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SAN DIEGO — Two men were burned after an explosion at their Chula Vista church Saturday.

Chula Vista fire investigators said the church workers had a homemade stove consisting of a six ounce soda can punctured with tiny holes with an aluminum sheet on top. One of them added fuel to it to demonstrate how it worked inside the Calvary Chapal in the 1700 block of East Palomar Street.

The homemade stove exploded and started a fire around 3 p.m. that severely burned one man and burned the other.

It then spread to part of the church office, torching a wall and some furniture.

When fire crews arrived the fire already was extinguished, the Chula Vista Fire Department said. It checked the building for safety reasons.

Both men were taken to UCSD Regional Burn Center, officials said.

Chula Vista fire investigator Richard Gari said homemade stoves is a problem he’s seeing too often right now, and people frequently get their ideas from YouTube demo videos.

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