CARLSBAD, Calif. — There have been two fatal train collisions in 10 days in Carlsbad and in the latest incident Tuesday evening, a teenager is believed to be the victim. 

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department told FOX 5 they cannot confirm the victim’s age at this time, but did clarify they were not younger than 18 years old. Wednesday evening officials with the department also said they wanted to dispel rumors that a group may have been playing “chicken” with the trains. 

However, several neighbors who spoke with FOX 5 off camera say a group of what appeared to be four teen boys were weaving in and out of the tracks and that the oncoming train was blaring its horn several times. 

“This is horrible. Second time in less than 10 days,” Carol French said. 

On April 2, a man was killed on the tracks south of Tamarack Avenue and on Tuesday the latest collision involving a North County Transit District Coaster train happened in the same area. 

“Teenagers, maybe early 20s, was what I had read on Nextdoor. That they were on the tracks and unfortunately one of the teenagers didn’t make it,” Madison Cobos said. 

Katie Gonzalez did not witness this particular incident, but says this is not an uncommon sight on or near the tracks. 

“There’s quite a few teenagers that run around. A lot of the time they’re either playing on the tracks or they’re walking on the tracks,” Gonzalez said. 

Now for the sheriff’s department and people living in the area, the message turns to safety. They are urging people to stay off the tracks and stay aware. 

“Save a life and do it the right way. Life is too short to take a chance,” French said. 

The sheriff’s department is continuing to investigate the case, but say the manner of death will be determined by the medical examiner’s office.