10-ton sailboat washes ashore in Encinitas

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ENCINITAS, Calif. -- A 10-ton sailboat washed ashore in Encinitas Tuesday.

According to lifeguards, the sailor lost his anchorage on a windy day and was stranded out on the water.

The call initially came in as an ocean rescue at Beacons Beach, about a mile north of Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. When Encinitas lifeguard Robert Veria heard the emergency call on the scanner, he was on high alert.

"First heard the call and it was an ocean rescue so you ramp up pretty high, getting ready to go in the ocean, you're thinking you're going to have to swim after somebody, not really knowing what it is," Veria said. "There was a news helicopter videotaping this and they were talking about a capsized boat. Navy helo offshore hears capsized boat off of Encinitas and that launched an entire case."

But when lifeguards and Coast Guard came to the rescue, they realized it was the boat that needed saving rather than the sailor.

"Found an individual whose sailboat had come up on to the beach. We checked him out and he was fine, but his vessel had received a little bit of damage and was actually stranded on the beach up against the bluff," Veria said.

A lifeguard said the owner of the vessel lost his anchorage and wasn't financially able to move the boat out of the ocean himself, so the city of Encinitas took over.

"Because it's value is not very great, they just go ahead and remove the boat from the beach and in this case over here to Moonlight Beach where it is being dismantled by a salvager and will be carted away," Veria said.

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