The Sweet 16 Workout

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The Sweet 16 workout is "short, sweet and sweaty" and consists of four moves, four rounds for 16 minutes.

Here are the details:

4 Moves. 4 Rounds. 16 Minutes.

45 seconds work: 15 seconds rest

  1. Capoeira Booty Lunge
  • Targets: legs, booty, core
  • Modifier: high lunge

2. Dive Bombers

  • Targets: shoulders, tri’s, core
  • Modifier: kneeling

3. Capoeira Burpee

  • Targets: heart rate, core
  • Modifier: low impact walk Burpee

4. Blocking Plank

  • Targets: core, low abs, legs
  • Modifier: kneeling

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