SAN DIEGO — In celebration of Black History Month this February, San Diego Unified raised the official Black Lives Matter flag at the district’s central office Wednesday in a ceremony with students, teachers and district leaders.

District officials, students and staff gathered at 10 a.m. in front of the central building for the ceremony. Those present said the raising represented the school community’s commitment to uplift the voices of Black students and teach about important cultural historical events.

“Today what we do to celebrate, we raise the BLM flag for Black Lives Matter.” said Cory Colquitt, a third grader at Ocean Beach Elementary School who was present for the ceremony.

On Jan. 24, the SDUSD Board of Education adopted a resolution honoring Black History, recognizing the contributions made by Black Americans to the development of the nation’s culture and communities.

As part of the resolution, the board committed to flying the Black Lives Matter flag each year in honor of the month to symbolize inclusion for students of color, in addition to the district’s commitment towards fostering a just, equitable and empathetic learning environment.

“It’s important to me because I am half white half black and I believe in black and white and I’m half black so this makes me feel good.” said Colquitt.

Josiah Augustine, a fourth grader at Franklin Elementary School, told FOX 5 that he likes having a special month designated to celebrate his culture.

“Talking about my culture and some good foods they make; We make good gumbo and jambalaya. We make good movies like Black Panther,” Augustine said.

From now until the end of February, the BLM flag will fly on the main flag pole above the buildings at district headquarters. 

The raising of the flag on Tuesday was not a first for the district.

SDUSD raised flags for Black Lives Matter, Pride and the transgender community in 2020, ahead of a board meeting that officially recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday and educational opportunity.