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SAN DIEGO — Excitement continues to build around Monday night’s Powerball drawing as the jackpot sits at an estimated $685 million.

San Diegans are among Americans who hope to win big after Saturday’s drawing netted no winner. The jackpot has been slowly climbing with 40 consecutive drawings without a grand prize winner, a record streak for the game. No one has won the grand prize since June 5.

“I was very happy, hopefully I get to win,” said one San Diegan, who buys lottery tickets twice a week. “I would give some of it to my family then go back to work.”

FOX 5 caught up with lottery players outside Arco gas station on Carrol Centre Road in Mira Mesa, where three winning tickets were sold in the past. Roughly 200 stores in San Diego County have sold winning tickets.

If anyone wins in Monday night’s drawing, it would be at least the eighth biggest prize in U.S. lottery history and the sixth largest Powerball prize.

The one-time cash payout is almost $485.5 million while the odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are 292.2 million to one.